UTV Software Communications Ltd (UTV) is India’s first integrated global media and entertainment company, focused on creating and producing outstanding content across platforms and genres.

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Over the years, the UTV logo had become an icon, instantly recognised by its “TV signal” layout. But it was time for a change: a new look to coincide with the next generation of media activities while still retaining the essence of the original in a more contemporary space.

After a pitch involving many companies and hundreds of logos, Brandspeed and Bonsey Design Partnership were chosen. Because of the iconic nature of UTV as a company, the new logo received wide press coverage. Reviews of the new design were overwhelmingly positive.

“The channels cumulatively reach out to 126 million urban Indian consumers, and that’s why after 20 years of using a logo with a complete corporate look and feel, it is now moving to something which consumers can better relate to, as well as something that suits its brand image.”