ITV Granada Asia

ITV Granada channel is part of ITV Studios Global Entertainment and draws on the vast resources of the ITV Studios programming portfolio. With its launch in Asia, a new identity was required that would build on the parent company’s brand as one of the world’s largest television producers and the UK’s most successful commercial broadcaster.

Discover + Develop + Deliver
The new ITV Granada Asia identity had to keep pace with future developments in content genres and programming. First we adapted the main logo and other trademark elements, creating a new style relevant to Asia. We then moved on to create a whole new style for the overall brand, including templates for on-air and content packaging, focusing on clarity and simplicity to communicate the brand in the most direct manner.

ITV Granada’s new network was launched in November 2010 and has been enthusiastically received, both within ITV and the Asian market.


itv Granada - New Ident 2010 from Brandspeed on Vimeo.