The Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia (CASBAA) represents nearly 130 member organisations that offer multi-channel pay TV via cable, satellite, broadband and wireless networks across Asia Pacific, who in turn serves over 3 billion viewers worldwide. 

Discover + Develop + Deliver
Over the years, CASBAA’s role has evolved to include new platforms such as DTH, IPTV, mobile and broadband, which have radically altered the content and entertainment industry. And after 15 years, a new identity was needed to reflect these realities while creating a contemporary, dynamic image for CASBAA. 


By adding more color to the previous blue and grey duotone design, we created a more vibrant logo based on the idea of many spheres as a network emanating from a central hub. We also created a 15-sec animation for its launch at the CASBAA convention in Hong Kong. It has since created a rejuvenated sense of connection and enthusiasm amongst the members, press and the industry at large.


Casbaa Ident - New Logo Launch Sequence from Brandspeed on Vimeo.