Branding in Motion

Screen Brand Strategy and Identity

Great screen branding requires a clear strategy balanced with applicable design. We will organise all your media and communication elements into a master template, to lay the basis for the dynamic strategy that will build your brand across all potential channels. 

Broadcast Branding

With over 2 decades of broadcast branding experience the world over, we have the knowledge to brand your programme,channel, station or network - from local,regional, national to international level - from logo and name generation, promotions to complete on-air packaging.

Motion Design

Our multi-discipline skills across both art & design platforms have positioned us to provide dynamic motion media for any format or environment, film projects, trailers, museum, installations, theatre, TV commercials, public displays and interactive environments are just some of the platforms we can create for you.

Film, Television Content Packaging

Much of the success of todays content on film& television is based on its power to register a strong brand following with a special hook that fully captures that imagination and loyalty of its intended audience.
Let us help you design that edge.

Screen Design (Interactive, Web and Mobile)

Our roots come from the world of emerging digital design. Our experience in working in a variety of formats, sizes, media and delivery platforms put us in the unique position to design your next content package for the web, mobile, or interactive environment.